Nectar double up event 2021

Double the Nectar points to spend at Sainsbury’s? Yes please 🙂

nectar double up event

Every year Sainsbury’s holds an event where you can double your Nectar points. Yes that’s right, up to 10,000 Nectar points (£50) can be doubled, giving you up to £100 to spend in store.

When is the Nectar double up event?

The double up event is usually held in November, with you being able to exchange your Nectar points for double up vouchers in the October beforehand.


Unfortunately, Sainsbury’s don’t release the exact dates of this event until right before it’s about to happen, but if you can manage to save up your Nectar points throughout the year, as soon as it’s announced, you can get your double up vouchers exchanged and be on standby for the big event!

How does the Nectar double up event work?

Getting organised is key to making the most of this event.

Your Nectar points need to be exchanged for vouchers before you can spend them in store. Sainsbury’s allows you to exchange your points in the October (usually!) and then you sit tight and wait for the double up dates to be announced.

nectar double up

How to get your Nectar double up vouchers

  • Save your Nectar points throughout the year – You can double up up to 10,000 Nectar points
  • Exchange your Nectar points for double up vouchers – In October, using the app or online, exchange your points for double up vouchers. Log into your Nectar account here
  • Spend your double up vouchers! – There’s a whole load of items to spend your double up vouchers on, see below for a list!

What can you spend Nectar double up vouchers on?

You don’t have to spend your double up vouchers on groceries! These are some of the things you could spend your vouchers on:

  • Gift sets – If you need Christmas secret Santas or stocking fillers, Sainsbury’s has great gift sets
  • Toys – bigger stores have a HUGE toy section so this is a great time to treat the little ones
  • Homeware – Need more dinnerware for Christmas guests, stock up now!
  • Skincare – Sainsbury’s has recently expanded their skincare and now there is SO much to choose from. Brands I’ve not heard of and bigger ranges make this a likely place I’ll be spending my double up vouchers!
  • Perfumes and aftershaves
  • Seasonal goods
  • Taste the Difference: wine, champagne, sparkling, sherry & port

You have to spend your Nectar double up vouchers in store. They cannot be used online, at Sainsbury’s locals or Sainsbury’s filling stations.

nectar double up event

How much are Nectar points worth?

There’s a great little Nectar points calculator here, where you can check the value of your points and see how much they’re worth!

Important….should you not use all your vouchers by the time the event ends, Sainsbury’s cannot change them back into regular points for you, so you’d lose their value. Make sure you spend them!